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At the Odom Law Firm, our Northwest Arkansas personal injury lawyers have more than 100 years of combined experience representing area residents injured in accidents. From our Fayetteville law offices, established in 1982, we serve clients across the country. Whether you have been catastrophically injured in a truck accident or as a result of a defective product, we can help you hold the responsible party accountable and recover the compensation you deserve.

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Arkansas car accident kills 3, including a minor child

Determining what caused an Arkansas accident may not always be simple. In many cases, numerous causes will need to be eliminated in order to come to the correct conclusion. For instance, exploring factors such as impairment, distraction and road conditions can help to find the cause. Once the circumstances that led to the car accident are discovered, a determination can be made regarding whether criminal charges or traffic citations are appropriate.

The Arkansas State Police are still attempting to determine the cause of a crash that killed three people -- one of which was a minor child. It is not known whether they all died at the scene or if any survived long enough to receive medical attention before succumbing to injuries suffered in the wreck. The preliminary reports regarding the accident indicate that a vehicle occupied by three people had been heading east on Interstate 40. At approximately 11:30 p.m., another vehicle traveling on the same stretch of interstate came upon the vehicle.

Did distracted driving or impairment cause accident on I-40?

Traveling on the interstates through Arkansas is a convenient way for drivers to get to their destinations more quickly than on city streets, back roads and smaller highways. However, driving at interstate speeds requires more concentration, and if a driver fails to pay attention to the surrounding traffic, the consequences could be deadly. Distracted driving and/or impairment are dangerous under any circumstances.

A report from the Arkansas State Police regarding a recent rear-end collision on Interstate 40 do not indicate whether the driver believed to be responsible was distracted or impaired at the time. The facts gathered so far indicate that a vehicle occupied by three people -- one of which was a child -- were traveling east on the roadway at approximately 11:39 p.m. The other vehicle involved in the crash came up behind that the unsuspecting vehicle and slammed into the back of it.

DUI accident: Arkansas man gets 144 month prison sentence

On Oct. 15, 2013, a motorist drove up on a single-car crash in time to see an injured man fleeing the scene on foot and a woman lying motionless on the ground. After an intensive search, police located the Arkansas man. His apprehension resulted in him being charged with negligent homicide and fleeing the scene in connection with what police believed to have been a DUI accident.

After he fled, officers determined he was the owner of the truck and used his cell phone to contact his family members, who assisted police in locating him. The following day, he was located at the home of a family member. The ensuing investigation concluded that alcohol and drugs impaired the driver at the time of the crash.

Parents say birth injury caused by doctor negligence

Nearly every Arkansas parent knows that the birth of a child can be a stressful experience. Even if the thought is fleeting, the fear of the baby suffering a birth injury crosses the minds of many parents. For one set of parents from another state, that thought unfortunately became a reality.

On Dec. 11, 2007, the mother, who was a day over two weeks late, went to the hospital to have her baby. For 11 hours, hospital staff gave her increasingly larger doses of labor-inducing medication. At hour 12, she was instructed to begin pushing, but court documents claim that the baby's head was not in the right position. As a result, the baby's heart rate dropped to only 60 beats per minute for more than five minutes.

Civil actions in accidents where drunk driving is suspected

When an individual makes the choice to drive after drinking, he or she puts the lives of everyone on the roadway in jeopardy. The victims of drunk driving accidents are at the mercy of that person's choice. Numerous people suffer serious injuries or die each year here in Arkansas and around the country in these types of accidents, which are completely preventable.

If you suffer serious injuries in a DUI accident, you may be able to receive an award of damages. Any financial restitution you receive could defray the costs of medical treatment -- both current and future -- that you may need in order to recover from your injuries, along with other damages such as lost income and pain and suffering. If you lose a loved one, a successful wrongful death claim could result in damages such as burial and funeral expenses.

Arkansas wrong-way car accident ends in death and injuries

Sometime before 7:45 p.m., dispatchers for the Arkansas State Police received a report of a vehicle traveling the wrong way on the southbound side of Interstate 49. Unfortunately, troopers were unable to reach the vehicle before it was involved in a car accident with one other vehicle. The wrong-way driver was killed, and the other driver was injured.

The preliminary investigation conducted by troopers with the Arkansas State Police determined that the 72-year-old driver somehow mistakenly entered the southbound lanes at Exit 81. As he traveled north on the wrong side of the interstate, the unsuspecting driver of another vehicle was traveling south on the interstate. He was unable to avoid colliding with the vehicle head on.

Was distracted driving the cause of head-on collision?

Research indicates that drivers who allow themselves to become distracted cause as many accidents as those who drive under the influence. Distracted driving encompasses any activity that takes drivers' attention off the road, such as texting, eating or personal grooming. Troopers with the Arkansas State Police may be investigating whether the driver believed responsible for a recent head-on collision was somehow distracted in the seconds before the crash.

According to the preliminary report of the Arkansas State Police, the two vehicles involved were traveling in opposite directions on Highway 70 at around 5 a.m. on the morning of the accident. As the two cars approached each other, one of the vehicles veered into the oncoming lane, directly into the path of the other car. Unable to maneuver out of the wrong-way vehicle's path in time, the car was struck head-on.

Texting is a dangerous and deadly form of distracted driving

As the pace of our lives has increased, so has our need to communicate under a variety of circumstances. In fact, many Arkansas drivers will send and receive texts as they drive. This type of distracted driving is dangerous and causes numerous accidents each year. In fact, research suggests that texting and driving has become just as dangerous -- if not more dangerous -- than driving under the influence.

The problem with texting and driving is that the driver's attention is taken from the roadway. In those few seconds, the landscape around the vehicle can change dramatically. When a driver looks up, it could be too late to avoid a collision.

The cause of a car accident may not be readily known

Some crashes do not need intensive investigation in order to determine the cause. Even though it may be obvious which vehicle hit the other, that does not necessarily mean that driver was at-fault for the car accident. Arkansas authorities may need to conduct further investigation before any citations are issued or charges are filed.

This scenario could be the reason why few details regarding a recent car wreck are available. At approximately 6 p.m., a pickup truck and a passenger car approached the same Arkansas intersection. One of the vehicles failed to stop at the intersection, but reports do not indicate whether it was the car or the truck.

Grieving father warns of the dangers of holiday drunk driving

On New Year's Day two years ago, an Arkansas family was on its way to celebrate a late Christmas with another family member. However, the trip home from the airport on Interstate 30 had put an abrupt end to any celebrations that day. The Arkansas man lost two members of his family that day -- his father and 10-year-old daughter -- in an accident believed to be caused by drunk driving.

Another driver had slammed into the back of the family's car on the interstate. The man's father suffered deadly injuries to which he succumbed during the crash. It is not known whether the man's daughter died right away, or if she had survived long enough to be taken to a hospital. Her father did say that it was difficult to find a bone in her body that was not broken in the accident. What injuries were suffered by the remaining occupants, if any, were not reported.

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